Saturday, October 31, 2009


A few months ago, I moved in with my boyfriend, John.  I found our apartment on Craigslist... it seemed perfect not only because it is a mere mile from where I work, but also because it's right above a little pizza place. We're both food enthusiasts, and we knew right away that it was the perfect place for us. After combining all of our gadgets, we knew we were kind of unstoppable in the kitchen.

As far as my cooking style... I usually take inspiration from whatever I saw on Food Network that morning, something I enjoyed in a restaurant, or what looks good at the local farmer's market.  I'm hoping that keeping a blog will encourage me to branch out of my culinary comfort zone and try some new and creative dishes to share.

John, as you can see, has the Italian dishes covered:

Here's John making meatballs. Also featured is the amount of pasta he bought at the store that day (along with lots of pudding and cheese... you know, things you can make a full meal out of). While I'm not going to post his last name on here, it's pretty much the most Italian last name I've ever heard. One of my friends, when she couldn't remember it, started referring to him as "John DiFrappuccino." Trust me, it fits. John makes some mean Italian cuisine. I think I fell for him when he was explaining to me the secret for his delicious chicken parm: "a perfect bread-to-chicken ratio." Doesn't he make an adorable stereotype? 

Our cat, Bear, isn't really interested in eating what we cook so much as getting into and knocking over whatever we're drinking.  He does seem curious about the cooking process, though.

I hope you'll enjoy following us through our various cooking projects, and maybe even cooking some of our food. Buon appetito!


Kristin said...

Woot! Subliminal shout-out for me. :)

Mum said...

Hey, maybe there's a movie in it for you! I can play myself!

Anonymous said...

Very cute start! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Michele said...

Just found your blog! I love the name. Hope the food downstairs is good! Well I look forward to seeing what you two make next. I subscribed!